Edition 2017

The 2017 XTERRA France edition is on fire, with more than 1000 athletes registered on the different XTERRA France events. Please note the time schedule change with the XTERRA Kids and XTERRA Mini-Kids on Sturday afternoon. The exact timing will be announced soon. If you are fan of Tour de France, XTERRA France is the

50 slots and nothing more for this second edition of XTERRA Eliminator on July 2nd in Xonrupt on XTERRA France race site. XTERRA Eliminator is very simple: A 800m loop to ride with your mountain bike on which you qualify for the tournament and next stage until the final. All race details on the official

This is the end

XTERRA France is now sold out with more than 1000 athletes on the start line of this 2016 edition. After the XTERRA Kids and Mini-Kids races, the only race with entries available (less than 20) is the XTERRA Decouverte before reaching the limit of 900 registrations. You still have a bit more than 3 month

When the coach calls you to know if your absence is due to an injury, If your XTERRA France bike number is still on your mountain bike, When your swimsuit seems to be a little tight, If you hesitate on the way that leads to the swimming pool, When your loyalty card at your favorite


What's that ? Simple: you race on a mountian bike loop of 800m, the goal is to finish first of your serie to qualify for the next one, until the final..... For the first edition, the number of athletes is limited to 50.... it means you have not so much time to reflect before registering